Getting to know the food is also a great way of learning about the country. Vietnamese food is healthy, simple to cook, delicious, and forms a large part of the culture. This half day tour gives you a hands-on lesson on how to shop for fresh ingredients and cook authentic Vietnamese food.

Orchid Cooking classes are offered every day in the morning and afternoon. Orchid Cooking classes are an interactive and fun way to learn new cooking skills and experience the tastes and textures of Vietnamese cuisine.

You will prepare dishes under the guidance of experienced chefs at your own work station and each workshop will conclude with tasting the food you have prepared, accompanied by local beer or wine, in our comfortable dining area.
All guests will receive detailed recipe cards and a certificate to take home at the end of the class.


Choose from our 5 special menus.

menu 1:- Ha Noi spring rolls

               - Char-grilled pork balls with vermicelli

               - Fried chicken with lemongrass and chilli

                - "che" (a kind of dessert)

                                                             - Price : 1.185.000 VND / person

menu 2:- Ha Noi spring rolls

,               - Banana flower salad with chicken

                - Stewed pork with caramel sauce

                                                             - Price : 1.075.000 VND / person

menu 3:-  Fresh spring rolls

               -  Green mango salad with seafood

                -  Hanoi-style grilled fish

                                                             - Price : 1.185.000 VND / person

menu 4:- Vegetarian spring rolls

               - Morning glory vegetables with tofu salad

               - Tofu in tomato sauce

               - Stuffed eggplant

                                                             - Price : 1.075.000 VND / person

menu 5: - Pho bo (Hanoi traditional soup with beef)

                - Two other dishes of your choice

                                                             - Price : 1.185.000 VND / person